Safety Tips For Commercial Kitchen Fire

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2 min readFeb 11, 2022

The high-speed cooking methods in restaurants have caused some of the most severe kitchens fires ever seen. These innovations are great for patrons and owners, because they get people into your establishment quickly; however, it also leads to major damages both financially as well emotionally on behalf of those who work there.

Restaurant owners know that one of their responsibilities as a business owner is making sure the kitchen stays safe from fires by using kitchen fire suppression New Jersey system . Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be difficult with some easy steps and by following these safety tips you can run smoothly at all times!

The kitchen is a dangerous place. Oil and grease accumulate on the walls, cardboard shipping boxes can go up in seconds as well as wooden pallets that are present all day long with open flames begging for trouble at any given moment — this environment wouldn’t be suitable even if you were preparing food for one person!

This is why you need to make sure your kitchen stays clean and organized at all times. It doesn’t take much for someone holding a large pot or tray of food with them tripping, knocking something over which could create an expensive problem!

The best way to protect yourself from fire in your commercial kitchen is by installing a system that includes not just one but three lines of defense. The first is an extinguishing hood, which should be able to cut down on the amount of smoke billowing out when there’s been some kind of combustion Failed second-tier protection with Class K Gas Oil Extinguishers, and finally, at least one high-pressure steam professional trained on putting out big blazes quickly.

Watch out for open flames — The presence of these can be hazardous no matter where you are. If your chefs flambé or pan fry foods, make sure that safety equipment (fire extinguishers, etc.) is placed and staff trained on how to use it as well as staying away from them when cooking with gas burners present in order not to cause an explosion!

The best way to ensure safety in your commercial kitchen is by having a backup plan. You should always be aware of the possible hazards and risks that could arise, so you can take proper precautions against them if needed! This includes working with an experienced fire protection services company for suggestions on how they think it would work best based on what type or size facility one has- this will help keep everyone safe while cooking food too hot enough without burning themselves combined hand-held appliances.

The best way to avoid kitchen fires is by following these helpful tips. Your staff can do their part in keeping you safe, too!



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