Fire suppression systems in restaurants: A guide for beginners

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3 min readJun 1, 2022

Restaurants and other food-related businesses are at risk from kitchen fires. They are dangerous and can cause extensive damage that may not get fully covered by insurance.

Protecting your staff and equipment is essential for your kitchen fire suppression kenilworth program. You may wonder how to make sure it is stocked with the correct supplies. You can find everything you need, from easy-to-use extinguishers to water that helps put out grease fires, to more complex items. These are essential items that you should not forget!

You can be at risk from kitchen fires, but a restaurant-grade fire suppression system will save you. It is required to maintain a fire suppression of a restaurent system. However, you might not know how it works or what needs to be done. This guide will explain the basics of a commercial kitchen appliance.

Restaurant fire suppression system — Components
A commercial kitchen should be safe in the event of an emergency. There are many fire suppression systems available for restaurants. They all have the same basic components that protect your establishment from fires, including connecting to cooking stations.

The hood above the cooking station

The gas line runs via the cooking station

Your restaurant’s fire suppression system is composed of two parts: the one that cuts through fuel and the other that applies chemical suppressant. Let’s look closer at how these two components work together to prevent a kitchen from burning!

The following are the basic functions of a restaurant fire suppression system:
It can be difficult to control the smoke and flames from a kitchen fire that is already burning. Restaurant hood nozzles are designed to help you avoid grease and other debris from falling onto your kitchen.
The gas line is automatically turned off when the system is tripped. This eliminates all fuel sources of fire and protects our equipment from further damage.
The second element is responsible for activating the fire suppression system. It releases a wet chemical to prevent grease fires from igniting.
You can have a smoke-free house by turning on the kitchen hood.

Restaurants can use a manual fire suppression system
Fire departments today use automatic fire alarm systems that automatically activate when they detect flames or high temperatures. These systems are essential for saving lives but they’re also necessary in an emergency situation where someone requires immediate assistance.

The kitchen is the most dangerous place in any building. Because of its unpredictable nature and rapid spread, it is important that fire detection systems such as gas sensors or sprinklers (which work on different principles) are installed as soon after construction. This will make sure that no one gets hurt.

Operators can manually activate the suppression system to quickly put out flames. This is another layer of protection to ensure your kitchen is safe and prevents flames from spreading quickly.

Are restaurants equipped with fire suppression systems?
A commercial kitchen fire can quickly cause destruction to everything around it. Smoke from these fires can make it difficult to see and dangerous for both employees and visitors. This could lead to health issues such as asthma or other respiratory problems. All cooking areas should be equipped with suppression systems.

How can you maintain a fire suppression system in a restaurant kitchen?
The fire suppression system in your kitchen is an essential component of any restaurant. It should be serviced every six months, and any time there are changes to the cooking lines or equipment on-site that may affect its performance.

It is important to regularly clean the hoods of all cooking equipment in order to protect your restaurant’s fire.

ABC Fire & Safety team can help you find a fire suppression system for your restaurant or to clean out the hood at your home.

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