Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurants: What Restaurant Owners Need to Know

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3 min readMar 23, 2022

Installing a fire suppression system in your kitchen is important for Restaurant owners and managers to do so that fires can never happen. Not only does this stop any flames before they spread but also protects against serious damage from occurring due to the potential of intense heat, smoke inhalation, or both!

To ensure your kitchen fire suppression NJ system is working properly, it’s important to inspect them regularly. The three main purposes of these inspections include making sure there are no issues with equipment and checking on how well maintained things have been around such as sprinkler heads or alarms- giving you peace of mind knowing their safety precautions before any disaster strikes!

When you’re ready to take the next step in maintaining your restaurant’s safety and quality, book an inspection with us! You’ll get peace of mind knowing that all systems are functioning properly.

Kitchen fires are a very real danger in any home, but it’s important to have the right equipment for cooking and preparation. NFPA codes require that kitchens be inspected at least semi-annually so peak performance can still occur with genuine parts available when needed or if there is a need for updated manuals about how everything works.

When you need fire protection for your building, it’s important that the system is reliable and well-tested. The professionals providing services will conduct an extensive inspection to ensure all parts are up to specification so no one gets hurt when there are flames everywhere!

A monthly in-house inspection is necessary.

You should perform an ambient visual inspection each month to ensure the safety of your home. Your certified technician will be able to inspect it when they are due for their six-monthly checkup, but you can also do this on your own time in order not to miss anything!

Make sure you check all nozzles are pointed directly at the right appliance, as well there’s no build-up of grease or dirt within hoods. Lastly, look into any tamper indicator pins — these will let know if someone has tried cutting them out so they could turn off fire suppression equipment!

You need to contact a fire protection company as soon your kitchen system goes off. Make sure electricity and gas are turned back on before they can be refilled, along with any repairs needed for damage or calibration of the cylinders in question!

When the inspectors are done with their work, they will provide documentation that proves how well you followed building codes as well as those recommended by health authorities to avoid legal liability in case accidents happen on-site!

Final thoughts

When you own a restaurant, the last thing that comes to mind is fire prevention. That’s where we come in as your company; taking care of all aspects from inspections up until maintenance so there are no worries about what could happen when things go wrong at any minute.



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