It is necessary to replace outdated fire suppression systems in kitchens

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2 min readSep 12, 2022

The following is a list of safety regulations and state compliance codes that every fire department should follow during emergencies. Following these rules will ensure your loved ones’ lives stay safe from danger!

With the ever-changing kitchen environment and advancements in technology, there are two main ways a commercial kitchen fire alarm system can become outdated.

The addition of water not only triggers an inspection but also makes sure your system works properly. They’re more likely than ever before to trigger a visit from the plumber, and they take less time!

We’re always looking for new ways to provide our customers with the highest quality of service, which is why it’s important that we keep up-to-date on all advancements in technology!

The kitchen is a dangerous place to be in restaurants. Fire department responders are usually called upon when there are grease reaches food preparation mishaps that result from negligence on behalf of staff members and they fail safety standards while preparing meals, cleaning up after themselves, or both!

Cooking materials such as food and confined fire accounted for about half of all fires. For example, deep fat fryers can use flammable oils in their processes which may result in grease build-up if they’re not properly cleaned on a regular basis. With an automatic suppression system, restaurants can experience a significant drop in losses.

The best way to avoid fires is by installing a proper system that has been tested for performance. These systems will work as designed when you need them, preventing accidents from turning into worse memories!



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